Monday, November 2, 2009

Ronaldinho at his most audacious

I think I've probably gone on at length before about how, in 2005, I wanted to have the buck-toothed Brazilian's babies. That El Clasico where Real Madrid fans felt the need to applaud him is the greatest individual performance I have ever seen by a football player.

This goal here came earlier that year, as part of the Barca side knocked out of the CHampions' League by Chelsea. This is impossible, I swear. A ferocious, swerving shot with the outside of your foot, with virtually no back lift, and with several Chelsea defenders surrounding you. It is impossible. Except for him.


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Andrew M said...

Toe poke! I can do that. By the way, we might need your motivational skills soon; getting a Sevens game organised, hopefully. I'll be in touch.