Monday, September 14, 2009

Common sense prevails

Eduardo has won his appeal against his ban. Should have waited half an hour before writing my previous post.



Lorry said...


If your point here is "we shouldn't punish anyone unless we can punish everyone" then I totally disagree. (of course, that might not be your point and I might be totally confused) I don't care if there was contact with Boruc - Eduardo "simulated" (that's the word, after all) being fouled and conned the ref. Just because we don't have the nous or the resources (yet) to hunt down and ban every diver doesn't mean we shouldn't throw the book at those that we can catch.

Interestingly, its worth contemplating Matt Dickinson's suggestion in the Times that even though he hasn't been banned, the fact that Eduardo is going to villified for ages over this might actually act as a deterrant to stop players diving almost as effectively as a ban would.

Anonymous said...

Diving, schmiving. No way justifies a three match ban - should remain a yellow card offence at best.

As Big Fat Martin Samuel once said; "Diving is an irritation, reckless tackling is a cancer".